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KakesWaal valuation – expertise, being an independent service provider, delivers an extended package of valuation and expertise services. We serve both the business and the private market and are active in various market segments, both nationally and internationally.

Our company started in the 1930s. The gentlemen Reinder Kakes and Jan Waal were independent pioneers in the what was then small branch. They were at the beginning of the current market of valuation and expertise services with a motivation to operate the market in a more competent manner. In 1996 the activities valuation and expertise of Reinder Kakes & Co. became independent, which had about 80 employees at that point. The new entirely independent company combines valuation - expertise and a company identity which is based on the history and experience of the employees under the name of KakesWaal B.V.

The owners of KakesWaal are professionally active within the company.

The present KakesWaal is with around 35 employees nationwide, one of the larger valuation and expertise agencies in The Netherlands. We set ourselves apart by our qualified expertise in mobile and immobile property and damage-expertise. Aside from our expertise we are also characterised by independence, loyalty, and the motivated staff of our company.

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